EMINA Massage Lotion (Pain Relief)

100mls - EMINA Massage Lotion (Pain Relief)

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Capsaicin, clove oil, camphor, peppermint oil and aqueous lotion


Emina Herbal massage lotion contains cooling, anti-inflammatory blood activating herbs, making it useful for chronically irritated muscles as well as rheumatoid problems or chronic tendon injuries that flare up and present as red; hot; and swollen.

Relieves the symptoms of:

  • Muscle aches & Pains
  • Minor sporting injuries
  • Inflammation, arthritis
  • Bruises & sprains

EMINA herbal massage l is applied to encourage blood flow, for post-treatment after massages and for stimulating respiration.

It relaxes muscles and helps with tension and heavy legs, soothes and dissolves cramps and has a cooling effect.


Make sure your skin is clean and dry. When using the massage lotion, apply a thin layer to the affected area and rub in gently until completely absorbed.

Apply to affected areas 2-3 times per day

 or as directed by a practitioner.

Special warnings and precautions for use

  • For external use only.DO NOT SWALLOW
  • Keep all medicines away from children.
  • Do not use in the eyes or apply over large areas of skin.
  • Can cause irritation to the skin and eyes, skin allergies, cough or throat irritation.

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